Update on My Condition

Hello everybody. I’m still recovering from surgery. Although not a cure it did help. Soon I’ll be responding to all your good wishes.

Otherwise, there’s some interesting times to come. It may not be much longer before the decision on the prostitution laws comes down. Then I’ll have plenty to say. That’s primarily what I’m saving up my energy for.


Questions and Comments about Dominatrix on Trial – XIII

I have one further thing to say about the reactions of those women at the Christmas party to my book. They told me they did not realize how much in the way of resources and resolve is involved in a legal battle. They told me that it is terrible when innocent people are pressured into pleading out because of what it takes to fight. They realized that too many innocent people are convicted. Some of them said they were very depressed and frightened by this.


Questions and Comments about Dominatrix on Trial – XII

As I mentioned in the previous blog the women at the Christmas gathering had so many questions and things to say about my book. One of the interesting things was the variety of women who worked for me. Indeed. As I pointed out in ‘Dominatrix on trial‘ women of almost any size, shape, age, colour or ethnicity can succeed in the role. The variety of role play and players sought by clients has never ceased to amaze me. The gals at the party said that was one of the things about the book they found surprising.

Questions and Comments about Dominatrix on Trial – XI

When I was at a Christmas gathering some women who had read my book were very kind in their praise about how long I fought and what I fought for. Naturally they had many questions. One of them was whether I missed running a dungeon. My answer to that was that in my current state of health the thought of having to keep appointments and prepare for them is now simply beyond the pale. It has now been almost a decade since I have run a full facility. Even when I was in good health and younger, as I pointed out in the book, it was a tough grind – though it certainly had its moments.

2012 Resolutions – Political

This year I resolve to persuade Prime Minister Harper not to retain or pass laws that don’t respect the freedom and safety of women who obey the law. I will seek to persuade him to pass laws that are clear, specific and don’t give broad authority to unelected officials. I resolve to join others in making him accountable and answerable for those new laws. I also resolve to continue to do what I can in the current court case, were the government is appealing in order to sustain the old laws against prostitution, whatever that is. But I resolve that above all, you will be hearing from me. You already are in my book, Dominatrix on Trial. The coming ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal just marks a beginning.

2012 Resolutions – Personal

I resolve that this year I will be even more vigilant in following doctor’s orders. I have not been bad, but I don’t have much room for error. That means remembering to eat and drink what I am told and not more or less or other. It also means not waiting until I am run down to rest. I resolve to spend some time each day collecting my written materials for some possible future publications that have been suggested to me. I resolve to remember to tell those around me and who have bought my book Dominatrix on Trial how grateful I am. I resolve to try not to feel sorry for myself or to be afraid.

2011 in Review – Political

The year 2011 was a continuation of 2010 in some respects. In 2010 our constitutional challenge begun in 2007 succeeded and Judge Susan Himel struck down the prostitution laws. The government appealed and in 2011 the appeal was heard. This time 5 judges, 2 of them women, heard the matter in June. That was over 6 months ago. Their decision is coming out soon, and whatever it is it will lead to a massive national debate on how government should govern the consenting private behaviour of adults. More about that soon.