My Upper Canada Speech – I

“Before anything else I want to thank Nikki Thomas for being such a wonderful spokesperson for our successful motion to strike down those appalling laws which were supposedly against prostitution. Nicki has told and can tell you about what is likely to happen if Judge Himel’s ruling is upheld. I am going to speak to you today about those who oppose Judge Himel’s decision. It seems to me there are two types of opponents First there are those who know what the decision said, and may even have read it. Then there are those who do not know what the decision said yet have an opinion on it. Let me deal with the second group first. Judge Himel said her decision was not about whether prostitution is good or bad, or whether it should continue to be legal, or, for that matter, what prostitution is and is not. Her 131 page decision, after two years of hearings from experts and lawyers, was that the laws seeking to restrict prostitution (whatever that is) were unconstitutional. In a nutshell she said that those laws impacted negatively on those they were supposed to protect. For example, they prevent prostitutes from hiring security or working from a regular location. She also said that these harmful laws impacted in a discriminatory and arbitrary fashion on a narrow segment of society– on women.”

To be Continued

– Terri-Jean Bedford

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