How the Prostitution Laws Affect the Average Person

I presume you mean the laws that were struck down, but tentatively being kept in place. These laws impact few because they are under-enforced; as the judge who struck them down pointed out. New similar laws will also be disobeyed. But for those who the authorities wish to target, as they did me in the 1990’s, the laws are a tool for the police to impose morality and target individuals. Indeed, the disgusting presence of “morality squads” over the years should make any thinking person sick. I don’t think being a student is a distinguishing factor in this matter. The people can be most effective by communicating their opposition to any attack on our freedoms the way the reaction to the internet snooping laws arose. They can also send money to organizations that are fighting the fight, such as the Sex Professionals of Canada (

Terri-Jean Bedford

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