Is Prostitution Bad For Society?

No. It is under-enforcement of laws that protect people that is bad for society. For example, weak enforcement of immigration in the workplace has led to sweatshops, illegal farm workers being exploited, illegal nannies, and illegal caregivers for the elderly, recruits for organized crime and so forth. Within each of those situations we see women being treated miserably and sexually abused, why doesn’t the government crack down on that. Why pick on the prostitutes?

Terri-Jean Bedford

1 thought on “Is Prostitution Bad For Society?

  1. I am having this conversation everywhere with people who set sexuality on a separate pedestal from everything else in their lives – instead of just seeing it as one more healthy aspect of life, they set it up where it is either deified or demonized. We commodify everything – from the life we kill in order to eat, to sharing our deepest secrets to a therapist – why is sex something other and above all that? Yes it is capable of making babies – but that is only one aspect of the importance of sex. I find it all very laughable and sad at how ingrained this is in our societies.

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