It Looks Like They Got It

I have been getting reports and reading media from all over the country and it is quite clear that there is no consensus among authorities or the public that the purchasers of sex acts, whatever that means, should be targets of any new legislation. Ditto pimps, whatever they are. Instead, there is a consensus that if people are being forced into sex work or want out of it they should have help made available to them. Just like our side has been saying. But let’s not stop there. Let’s have help for our women in uniform who are being sexually harassed and assaulted. I wouldn’t want my daughter in the military or the RCMP. Too much sexual abuse. Let’s have exit strategies and rescues for them as well. We might even want to throw in a rescue program for whistle blowers in the civil service who have been betrayed. Is this beginning to sound like a “Tough on Harper Agenda”?

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